Day Labor Program

17,650 nights of shelter

279 men & women, 21 moms & 33 children

46,913 meals served

12 Chaplains/Ministry Volunteers

-124 Bible studies
-43 on-campus worship services

64% exit to housing and/or family

70% have stable monthly income

50% Employed
80% FT

290 served at Haywood County Detention Center

90% released connected to recovery supports

These figures are YTD from January 2020

Day Labor ProgramFor many Haywood Pathways guests, employment opportunities are limited due to lack of education, skills, incarceration, or a previous poor employment record. The Day Labor Program provides guests with the opportunity to work on a day by day basis, develop skills in job responsibility, accountability and communication, and potential references for future employment.

The Day Labor Program is administered through the Administrative Team and is staffed by individuals who have been determined to be ready to assume responsibility and accountability. The program is available to any resident, or business in Haywood County on a day to day basis—for any field of work, Monday through Saturday. Requests for day labor must be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in learning more about the Day Labor program, or want to request services, feel free to contact Sue Cummings at 828-246-0332.

Served 30
97 Individuals 54 Children


36% of Guests Gained

88 Guests Found
Permanent Housing

64 Guests
Reunited With Family

21 Found
19 Rededicated

These figures are YTD from January 2018