Our Values

17,650 nights of shelter

279 men & women, 21 moms & 33 children

46,913 meals served

12 Chaplains/Ministry Volunteers

-124 Bible studies
-43 on-campus worship services

64% exit to housing and/or family

70% have stable monthly income

50% Employed
80% FT

290 served at Haywood County Detention Center

90% released connected to recovery supports

These figures are YTD from January 2020

Haywood Pathways Center recognizes the importance of establishing and maintaining a statement of values and code of ethics to guide the organization—The Board, Staff and volunteers of Haywood Pathways Center are committed to the following:

Faith: We believe that faith in God, our creator, healer and father, provides us with hope, reassurance, guidance and support in our vision and mission for the organization. Haywood Pathways Center is committed to serving the lost, lonely and least of Haywood County in whatever context that God directs.

Prayer: We believe that prayer is essential for guidance in the direction, conception, planning and execution of the programs of the organization. Haywood Pathways Center is committed to prayer as a source of guidance and strength in all we do, in accordance with the will of God.

Spiritual Growth: We believe scripture is inspired by God. Through scripture, Disciples of Christ  connect to God, learn to follow His word, receive comfort and reassurance of God’s love and mercy. Haywood Pathways Center is committed to sharing the gospel daily with our guests.

Respect: We believe all people are God’s people, and should be respected, loved and cared for regardless of race, age, gender, cultural background or lifestyle. Haywood Pathways Center is committed to provide respect, dignity, fairness, caring, and equality to all who enter our doors.

Inclusiveness and Diversity: We believe that each person has unique attributes, characteristics and perspectives that make them who they are, and that are essential to the organization’s mission. Haywood Pathways Center values and is committed to inclusiveness and diversity in all its activities; including, but not limited to, employee practices, board and volunteer recruitment.

Integrity: We believe it is important for each person to do the right thing at all times and in all circumstances. Haywood Pathways Center is committed to an environment in which all staff, board members and volunteers will act with honesty, fairness and integrity while representing this organization.

Partnership: We believe that teamwork is the key to success in our ministry to create pathways out of poverty. Haywood Pathways Center is committed to developing partnerships with other like-minded individuals, churches, organizations and businesses who can help us accomplish our vision.

Transparency:We believe that all stakeholders should have access to appropriate and accurate information regarding the financials, operations and activities of the organization. Haywood Pathways Center is committed to an environment of openness, accessibility and communication.

Responsible Stewards: We believe we have a responsibility to be wise stewards and managers over resources provided by God. Haywood Pathways Center is committed to the protection, maintenance, development and management of all resources, financial or otherwise, in a prudent, responsible and accountable manner.

Served 30
97 Individuals 54 Children


36% of Guests Gained

88 Guests Found
Permanent Housing

64 Guests
Reunited With Family

21 Found
19 Rededicated

These figures are YTD from January 2018