How Can I Help?

Served 41,432 Meals

Provided 13,615 Nights of Shelter

Served 202 Individuals (145 Men and Women, 21 Moms and 36 Children)
66% of Singles and 90% of Families Exited to Housing and/or Family
70% have Stable Monthly Income with 55 People Employed (77% of Employed working FT)

238 Men & Women Served at Haywood County Detention Center

99% Actively Engaged in Recovery at Time of Release

At Pathways we felt the impact of COVID just like our community. Many of our creative and constructive programs and ministry activities run by volunteers were impacted. We are hoping for a  brighter 2021 and the return of our many volunteers. 
All numbers reflect our 2020 FY.

How Can I Help?


Our work would not be possible without the generous support of you – our friends and supporters. We appreciate every contribution and bless you for your caring hearts.

There are many different ways to help. We always appreciate contributions toward the operating expenses and/or specific programs of Haywood Pathways Center. You can make one time or monthly contributions by mail or online through your church or organization, and/or in response to periodic mail/email appeals. We hope you will also attend events and fundraisers throughout the year to support us in our efforts.

Many of our guests come to us with only the clothing on their backs. The little things we take for granted, may be luxuries to them. Your donations of toiletries, clothing, laundry detergent, to name a few, make them feel better about themselves and help in restoring their self-esteem. Visit our Needs List page for other items that are always welcome and needed for the day to day activities at Haywood Pathways Center.

Volunteers are the backbone of every organization. Haywood Pathways can use volunteers on a regular basis –or for special projects throughout the year. If you are interested in being a part of the work of transforming lives at Haywood Pathways Center, please check out volunteer opportunities and fill out a Volunteer Application . Someone from Haywood Pathways Center will be happy to contact you to discuss ways you can help.

Tax Acknowledgement

At Haywood Pathways Center we appreciate your generous and faithful support and are grateful that you want us to be as good a steward of your gifts as possible. As a result, and in response to your input, please note that we will send an acknowledgment of your donation(s) once per year. This will occur after the close of the calendar year on December 31st and reach you by January 31st. If you have any questions, please call or email David at 828-246-0332 or Thank you for your generous support.

QCD from an IRA

Did you know that if you are age 70 ½ or above you can make a donation to Haywood Pathways Center directly from your IRA? Such gifts are known as Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD) and allow you to potentially realize a tax savings while making a charitable gift to Pathways. This program allows you to have your IRA manager contribute directly from your IRA to Pathways thus meaning the gift does not count as part of your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) for that year. For more information check with your IRA administrator or contact David at 828-246-0332 or

Gifts of appreciated stock

If you have assets of appreciated stock and don’t want to pay the capital gains taxes, you can gift those stocks to Haywood Pathways Center. A gift of an appreciated asset brings the same tax deduction PLUS avoidance of capital gains taxes on the appreciation. And this benefit extends even to folks who do not itemize. Here is how it works.

  • First, decide which stock and the number of shares you wish to transfer to Haywood Pathways Center.
  • Second, provide written instructions to your broker to deliver those shares to the account that has been established for Haywood Pathways Center.
  • Third, copy your letter of instruction to David Carriker at

For more detailed information please contact your broker or Haywood Pathways Center (828-246-0332).