Served 86,298 Meals
(19,104 from Holy Cow Food Truck)
Provided 20,001 Nights of Shelter

Provided 20,001 Nights of Shelter
Provided 80 Unique Individuals with 403 nights of Cold Grace Shelter

Provided 80 Unique Individuals with 403 nights of Cold Grace Shelter

Sheltered 233 Unique Individuals
172 Men and Women
23 Parents and 38 Children

60% of individuals
86% of families
Exited to Housing or moved back in with Family

73% Have Stable Monthly Income
63 Employed
84% Working Full-Time

Pathways Kitchen

Food, a basic necessity in life, is an important component of Haywood Pathways Center. We are blessed to have a fully equipped kitchen, large and welcoming dining room, caring and loyal stores, individuals, churches and organization that supply us with food and faithful volunteer crews who plan, prepare and serve an evening meal 7 days a week to our guests and the community.

Haywood Pathways Center is committed to providing our guests with the comfort and reassurance of God’s love throughout the day. Meals begin with prayer and devotions led by ministers and/or members of local churches or center staff.

Breakfast and Lunch are open only to guests of the center as this is a time of fellowship, chore completion, and making plans for their day off campus. The kitchen chore team is responsible for cleaning the kitchen and dining room after all have eaten, and before they leave for the day. Bagged lunches are prepared and dispersed to HPC guests who will be off campus for appointments or employment reasons.

Dinner is served at Haywood Pathways Center 7 days a week from 5:45PM to 6:30 PM The evening meal is open to guests of the center, as well as to anyone in need in the community; men, women and children. Meals are planned, prepared and served by volunteer crews from local churches and organizations. Menus vary with the season and /or donations that have been received that week.