Breaking Cycles Building Foundation

Myr-Ken Family Dorm Completion

We are now able to serve women with children in a two-story modular building placed on the Haywood Pathways Center property.

• Two-story modular structure
• Five private family rooms per floor = 10 total families
• Trauma-Informed Playroom
• Multipurpose Room (homework, classroom, Cold Grace)
• Communal living space with kitchenette on each floor
• Laundry facilities on each floor
• Access to Pathways kitchen for meals
• On-site professional case management services

Modules for Mom & Kids Dorms

Take a peek at the progress

“The homeless strangers in our midst are in great need of true hospitality. Not just the
physicality of food, drink and shelter, but the unconditional love and
compassionate generosity that serves to feed the heart and souls of us all.”