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nights of shelter provided


82% of Guests Working Full-time

73 Guests Found
Permanent Housing

103 Guests
Reunited With Family

Hours of Devotions

These figures are YTD from January 2019

Haywood Pathways Center VolunteerWANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE?

Haywood Pathways Center is looking for volunteers to work with staff and guests at the Waynesville campus on Hemlock Street. There are many opportunities to choose from, with flexible hours and time involved. Adults 18 years old and older, from all walks of life and backgrounds, are invited assist.

For questions about the info sessions or volunteer program, please call
Sue Cummings at 828-246-0332.  

Interested cook team volunteers please call
Tammy Padgett at 828-246-0332.

There are many opportunities to be involved with the Haywood Pathways Center.  We welcome individuals, church groups, organizations, and businesses. Opportunities to volunteer are available on a regular basis, or for a special, one-time project.

For information on how to become a volunteer, contact
Sue, at 828-246-0332 or

Complete our Online Volunteer Application or Print Volunteer Application or Email us.

Volunteer opportunities include:

COOK TEAM- PREPARE 6PM MEAL FOR THE RESIDENTSDinner is served at 6pm each night with a short devotion prior. In order to make this a pleasant experience, we have a fully functioning Industrial Kitchen with a walk-in fridge/freezer, 6 burner gas stove and double oven Through our partnership with MANNA and Publix, the fridge is always stocked with various donations. If you are a creative cook and enjoy trying new recipes then you will love it here! However, If you prefer a standard/ traditional meal plan, we can offer that option as well. ( You are also welcome to bring your own ingredients.) Most Cook Teams bring 2+ helpers. You will be able to look in the fridge and set aside your chosen ingredients prior to your cooking night. This is a great opportunity for all levels of expertise.

DRIVERS- TRANSPORT RESIDENTS TO AND FROM APPOINTMENTSThis is established on an ‘as needed’ basis. Most rides are needed M-F between 8 and 5. If you are able to volunteer, we will add your name to our call list and then contact you, usually 72 hours, or more, ahead of time to ask if you are available. We do not “phone-tree” or “group text” drivers, you’ll actually speak to, or text, one of us and there is no obligation! If you can’t, then we call the next volunteer. When signing up, please specify days of the week, times available and who you are comfortable driving. (men, women, family etc.)


We will begin a “Tutoring Tuesday” in August. Tuesdays from 3:30-5:30 pm and 7:00-8:30 pm You do not have to be a pro in any particular subject! If you enjoy helping children learn, this might be a good fit for you.

If you are computer savvy and would like to help the MOM’S learn computer skills, we are also preparing for that as well. Please call Anna for more information.


With the opening our beautiful, new Women and Children’s Dorm we are currently staffing M-F 8:30-4:30 with female volunteers. Each woman will spend 2 hours-or more-depending on personal preference with the moms and their children. Blocks of time will be: 8:30-10:30/ 10:30-12:30/ 12:30-2:30/ 2:30-4:30. We will also be staffing some evening and weekend babysitters while the women attend classes. You can volunteer as much, or as little as you like! Once a week, or once a year. It’s totally up to you. As a Dorm Hostess you will be; monitoring the front door, welcoming home residents, being a positive and encouraging presence and letting staff know of resident needs. You will never be asked or expected to “parent” or discipline any children. We desire to help the Women grow in their own parenting skills by giving them a safe and supportive environment.

If you would like to help in this area or have any questions, please call /text or email Anna @ 828.793.1301



Do you have a heart for teaching? Is there a particular skill you would like to share or hobby you think the residents here at HPC would benefit from and enjoy? Please email us your idea, with the dates, duration of the class, times you’d like to teach and class outline. We will review it and reply within 2 weeks. Please keep in mind that clients come and go, for that reason time to complete a curriculum may be limited. 

Please email: anna@haywoodpathways.org with all spiritual growth class submissions

Thank you for your interest!


  • Landscape and gardening
  • General Maintenance
  • Special cleaning projects
  • Licensed electricians
  • Licensed plumbers
  • Carpenter /Handyman

Want to know more? Check us out on Facebook, Follow us on Instagram @haywoodpathwayscenter

If you’re ready to volunteer, click on the ‘how can I help?’ tab and complete the online volunteer application.

Mandy Haithcox

Executive Director

Haywood Pathways Center

179 Hemlock Street

Waynesville, NC 28786

(828) 246-0332

Served 30
97 Individuals 54 Children


36% of Guests Gained

88 Guests Found
Permanent Housing

64 Guests
Reunited With Family

21 Found
19 Rededicated

These figures are YTD from January 2018