Served 41,432 Meals

Provided 13,615 Nights of Shelter

Served 202 Individuals (145 Men and Women, 21 Moms and 36 Children)
66% of Singles and 90% of Families Exited to Housing and/or Family
70% have Stable Monthly Income with 55 People Employed (77% of Employed working FT)

238 Men & Women Served at Haywood County Detention Center

99% Actively Engaged in Recovery at Time of Release

At Pathways we felt the impact of COVID just like our community. Many of our creative and constructive programs and ministry activities run by volunteers were impacted. We are hoping for a  brighter 2021 and the return of our many volunteers. 
All numbers reflect our 2020 FY.


Our Mission is —

In Christ’s name, feed the hungry, house the homeless and reduce recidivism in Haywood County.

Our Vision is —

To glorify God by proclaiming and showing love through a Christ-centered ministry that brings life transformation in a safe, accepting and caring environment.

Our 3 Year Goals are —

After the successful completion of our prior five year strategic plan, this year the board of directors embarked on a process of establishing a new strategic plan. This plan is the guiding document for the vision and work of Haywood Pathways Center over the coming three years. Beginning with a series of questions and interviews with key stakeholders a focus was developed. Through much hard work and honest conversation, three broad areas where identified that should become the foundation of this new strategic plan. Those key areas are,

  1. Educating, Engaging and Inspiring the Community
    1. Craft a consistent compelling message
    2. Build positive community rapport
    3. Deliver targeted routine message
  2. Boosting Organizational Health and Effectiveness
    1. Active unified board
    2. Encourage proactive culture
    3. Increase qualified labor pool
  3. Cultivating and Growing Resources
    1. Strengthen and reinforce church involvement
    2. Diversify strategic fundraising opportunities

Although this strategic plan is intended to cover a three-year period, it is broken down into one-year increments, each containing specific accomplishments that will move Haywood Pathways toward realizing its vision. It is intended that the detailed implementation plans developed for each accomplishment are reviewed every 90 days to track progress and provide the opportunity for adjustments to the plans as circumstance and situations may require.

Much appreciation and credit are given to the board and the many supporters of Haywood Pathways Center for their support and insight that helped make this process a reality.