China was introduced to Haywood Pathways Center in the summer of 2021,
while being held in the Haywood County Detention Center. A single mom of 2 boys,
she found herself, due to struggles with substance use disorder and an unsafe
relationship, on the brink of falling into the abyss of the legal system. Knowing she
wanted a different life for herself and her children, China willingly worked with CJ
and Rick, HPC Peer Support staff, to resolve her legal issues, wholeheartedly
pursue recovery, and provide a safe home for her family.

CJ and Rick helped China locate safe housing, to start over with her boys upon her release. She lived there for over a year while maintaining her sobriety and forging ahead.
Unfortunately, the landlord decided to sell the home she was renting, and it sold quickly. She was handed an eviction notice. With little notice, a lack of affordable and safe housing to move to, and unsure of what to do next, China reached back out to CJ and Rick. They connected her to Keri, the case manager on campus at HPC. Soon, China and her boys
transitioned from their apartment to our family shelter.

They arrived with a few of their belongings and their vehicle. China’s grit, determination, and love for her boys propelled her to quickly find work at Zaxby’s. She saved her money, took care of her boys, maintained her recovery, and her smile. China and her boys were the first family to enter HPC’s Transitional Housing Program. China wisely used the support of the HPC programs and services to save money and take her time to find the “right” place for her family. In January, HPC was thrilled to assist with deposits (thanks to a generous donor!) so that China could move into her permanent home in Canton. She and the boys are still there and love it!

China has been continuously promoted and is now the Assistant General Manager at Zaxby’s. She has been clean & sober for 2 years. Her boys are thriving. You can tell by
China’s smile that she is too. Their future looks different than it did two years ago.
China recently told CJ that she is grateful for second chances and for the consistent and genuine support of Haywood Pathways Center. Her story is a testament to the power of
encouragement, community, generosity and resilience. We truly are stronger together.

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