So far, nearly $1,600 has been contributed toNew half way cornward the Haywood Pathways Center project thanks to a $10,000 anonymous reader donation that challenge other readers to pitch in.

Since The Mountaineer has more than 10,000 readers, matching the amount by Thanksgiving is the goal.

If everybody gives a little, it will add up quickly.  Here’s who has helped so far.


Joe Westmoreland  $1,000

Rolf Kaufman $200

Bob, Sarah Sherman $100

Rick, Michelle Rogers, $100

Jim Francis $20

John Scroggs $20

Burt Smith $20

Kevin Ensley $20

James Carver $10

Ed McFarland $10

Windy McKinney $5

Seth Hendler-Voss $5

Jeff Haynes $5

Terry Ramey  $5

Kris Boyd $5

Robert Willis $4

Greg West $3

Garron Braddish $2


The goal is to have the Reader Challenge Cornucopia filled by Thanksgiving Day.

Send checks made out to Mountain Projects to The Mountaineer Reader Challenge, 220 N. Main St., Waynesville, NC 28786 or drop any amount of cash off at The Mountaineer to be forwarded to completing construction at the Haywood Pathways Center.

The Mountaineer will print the names of each contributor, along with the amount donated in each issue until Thanksgiving.


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