MAGGIE VALLEY — The Maggie Valley governing board adopted a policy on charitable donations, appointed Town Manager Nathan Clark as the tax collector and voted to become a bronze sponsor by donating $3,000 to the Haywood Pathways Center.

In their Monday evening meeting, board members heard from Jasey Ketchum, who criticized junky sites in town and asked the board to pass an ordinance to “clean this place up.”

County Tax Administrator David Francis complimented Clark and Town Finance Officer Shayne Wheeler for working cooperatively with the county to help clear the delinquent tax rolls.

The largest debtor in the town became current with the payment of $55,000, Francis said.

“Nathan is a sharp young man,” he said, “and Shayne Wheeler is a smart woman.”

Clark said the job of town tax collector had been part of his duties when he assumed the interim town manager position. Monday’s motion formalized the existing arrangement.

There was some discussion about the Haywood Pathways Center donation, which was ultimately supported by board members Janet Banks. Mike Eveland and Saralyn Price and opposed by Philip Wight.

The two had a total of $5,750 remaining in its charitable donation line item, and Wight said he supported the project, but favored a smaller donation.

Price noted the proposed halfway house, soup kitchen and shelter would help Maggie Valley, which gets its share of itinerants who need assistance.

Banks and Eveland objected to taking the funds out of the donations line item, which they noted could take away more than half of the available funds set aside for charitable donations. Price made a motion to give a donation, but take it out of the town’s general fund, which passed. Board members made it clear the donation was likely a one-time, bricks and mortar contribution.

The new charitable donations policy set forth a set of criteria the town will use in deciding how the typically $6,000 per year can be spent.

The board also appointed Town Planner Andrew Bowen as an alternate to the French Broad River MPS’s technical coordinating committee, complimented the Maggie Valley Lodging Association of the maps titled “All Roads Lead to Maggie” now available, and encouraged businesses to participate in decorating for fall days, which begins next Monday and the town cleanup set for 9 a.m. Saturday.

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