Written by: The Mountaineer
evergreenThe Haywood Pathways Center recently received a grant for $14,631 from the Evergreen Foundation. The grant will enable Haywood Pathways Center to complete much-needed capital improvements and partially defray the cost of installing a small computer lab for guests.

Haywood Pathways Center has been operational for one year. During its initial year of operation, HPC served 353 homeless men and women; provided 8,250 nights of housing; and served 13,867 meals while coaching and supporting its guest to find work and housing.

A total of 81 HPC guests have moved on to independent living, while 41 have been reunited with families. And, most importantly, 16 guests have found salvation.

The Evergreen Foundation was formed in 1977 as a separate not-for-profit company by the Board of Smoky Mountain Mental Health. The purpose of the Foundation was to provide a place to hold funds that could later provide financial support of their mental health, developmental disability and substance abuse services.

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