Served 41,910 Meals Provided 14,075 Nights of Shelter

Served 192 Individuals (132 Men and Women, 21 Parents and 39 Children)

61% of Singles and 95% of Families Exited to Housing and/or Family

88% have Stable Monthly Income with 38 Employed (77% of Working FT)

257 Men & Women Served at Haywood County Detention Center

100% Actively Engaged in Recovery at Time of Release

3 Day Program

Initial Intake

Guests will receive up to 3 nights lodging upon admission to the Haywood Pathways Center. After 3 days the director will work with them to evaluate which options are the best solution for their needs. Guests may be invited to join a program of extended stay at the Haywood Pathways Center, or we may assist them in obtaining other avenues of assistance. If Guests are in a program and stay out overnight without permission, they will not be allowed back for 10 days. During the 3-day period, Guests will work on getting their identifications if they don’t have them.  Guests will be required to do dorm chores during their 3 day stay.  Guests will meet with the director on day 3 to discuss their continued stay at the Haywood Pathways Center.

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