Served 41,910 Meals Provided 14,075 Nights of Shelter

Served 192 Individuals (132 Men and Women, 21 Parents and 39 Children)

61% of Singles and 95% of Families Exited to Housing and/or Family

88% have Stable Monthly Income with 38 Employed (77% of Working FT)

257 Men & Women Served at Haywood County Detention Center

100% Actively Engaged in Recovery at Time of Release

COVID continued to affect our ability to fully implement our programming in 2021. We are grateful for the cook teams, interns, student groups, class facilitators and chaplains who were able to return. We hope 2022 brings us the opportunity to see all of you!
The 2021 Year in Review.

3 Day Program

Initial Intake

Guests will receive up to 3 nights lodging upon admission to the Haywood Pathways Center. After 3 days the director will work with them to evaluate which options are the best solution for their needs. Guests may be invited to join a program of extended stay at the Haywood Pathways Center, or we may assist them in obtaining other avenues of assistance. If Guests are in a program and stay out overnight without permission, they will not be allowed back for 10 days. During the 3-day period, Guests will work on getting their identifications if they don’t have them.  Guests will be required to do dorm chores during their 3 day stay.  Guests will meet with the director on day 3 to discuss their continued stay at the Haywood Pathways Center.

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