Served 41,910 Meals Provided 14,075 Nights of Shelter

Served 192 Individuals (132 Men and Women, 21 Parents and 39 Children)

61% of Singles and 95% of Families Exited to Housing and/or Family

88% have Stable Monthly Income with 38 Employed (77% of Working FT)

257 Men & Women Served at Haywood County Detention Center

100% Actively Engaged in Recovery at Time of Release

6 Months

Discipleship Program

The Discipleship Program is a voluntary program designed to assist our guest in learning what the Bible says concerning their life and relationship with God. The goal of the program is to show from the Bible how God wants to reconcile them to Himself through their trust and commitment to His Son, Jesus Christ, and to show how daily personal Bible study and application of Biblical principals will meet the essentials needs for their life. The Christian life is about more than a one-time decision or having their name on the roster at a church. It is about living a life that glorifies Jesus and drawing others to choose to live for Him as well. The discipleship program teaches about a Christian life.

Any extensions of our guest length of stay depend fully upon satisfactory progress in this program. If they leave prematurely before completing all of the six-month period, they will not be allowed to return to the center for 45 days.


  1. I will read at least one to two pages per day from the books provided. I realize that I need to work daily to keep pace.
  2. I will keep up with the pace of the material in order to finish the materials within the time frame(s) provided.
  3. I will follow all of the rules of the Center and this program. I will set the example before other residents.
  4. I will be cooperative with all volunteers and staff.
  5. I will attend Devotions each night and be active in a local Bible-believing church on Sunday.
  6. I will hold down full-time work.
  7. I will open a savings account at a local bank and deposit the majority of my earnings in that account.
  8. I will be active in looking for housing solutions.
  9. I will not use profanity or vulgar language while I am in this program.
  10. If I have not found work by this time, I will attend Lifeworks weekly.
  11. I will continue to use the resources at Career Connections to find employment.
  12. I will continue to attend classes at Meridian.
  13. I will not use alcohol or illegal drugs or any medicine that is not prescribed to me.
  14. I will not keep or use an unauthorized motor vehicle.
  15. I will keep the staff advised of where I am going, who I will be with, and when I’ll return.
  16. I will meet with my supervisor or the program director once a week to review my finances and my progress in the program.
  17. I will follow these standards to the best of my ability.

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