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The students at Junaluska Elementary School recently collaborated to make sure there were plenty of warm, happy feet at the Haywood Pathways Center.

The Student Council decided it wanted to host a spring community service project, so the school reached out to the Pathways Center to see it had any needs.

According to Joy Sollie, school counselor, they were told by Missy Mehaffey, with the Pathways Center, that the center was really in need of socks.

“Socks typically don’t get donated, and are one of the biggest needs,” said Sollie. “No socks, dirty socks, or socks with holes can lead to health problems.”

The Student Council organized and ran a sock drive. Students were told to bring in new socks, and that athletic and work socks were preferred.

“The Sock Drive made me feel like I was helping somebody in need,” said third-grader Bella Mongelli.

For two weeks, students brought in socks, so much so that the school lobby was overflowing with socks.

“What I liked about the sock drive is that you would never think that the homeless people might need socks more than food, but when you think about it everyone donates food and water, but they need socks just as much,” said fourth-grader Cameron Westmoreland.

The Sock Drive yielded 1,967 new pairs of socks for the Pathways Center.

Mehavvey came and picked up the socks and told the Student Council how much this would mean to current and future residents of Pathways.

“It was fun when the lady from Pathways came to pick up the socks, and she was really excited and happy that we had done something good,” said fifth-grader Sara Elizabeth Super. “It really showed that she cared a lot about the people who were going to get the socks.”

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