New half way cornResponse to the Haywood Pathways Reader Challenge has been overwhelming, and more than $5,000 has been raised toward a $10,000 challenge grant offered by an anonymous reader of The Mountaineer.

This week, the center is in need of more than just donations to help pay for construction costs. Volunteers are being sought to fill several specific needs at the homeless shelter, halfway house and soup kitchen.

One volunteer is needed to re-label the Million Coin Campaign Box currently housed at the Waynesville Police Department. This is a short-term project that will involve getting 50 containers and lead teams to display buckets around Haywood County businesses requesting small change for the Haywood Pathways Center.

One of the requirements for staying at the center for more than three days is to find a job or volunteer in the community. A second leader is needed work with nonprofit organizations in the community, as well as the Pathways center guests, to coordinate volunteer opportunities.

A third leader is needed to investigate transportation opportunities for Pathways center guests to ensure either public or other transportation is available to facilitate the volunteer, social service or work opportunities.

One of the avenues being explored at the center involves community gardens that will help offset food costs at the soup kitchen and perhaps even become income-generating opportunities where produce can be sold at local tailgate markets. Those with a green thumb and a desire to make meaningful change in the lives of many are urged to consider helping with opportunity.

Those interested in rising to this aspect of The Mountaineer Reader Challenge can send letters outlining their desire to help to 220 N. Main St., Waynesville, NC 28786, the same address where donations can be sent.

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