Served 41,910 Meals Provided 14,075 Nights of Shelter

Served 192 Individuals (132 Men and Women, 21 Parents and 39 Children)

61% of Singles and 95% of Families Exited to Housing and/or Family

88% have Stable Monthly Income with 38 Employed (77% of Working FT)

257 Men & Women Served at Haywood County Detention Center

100% Actively Engaged in Recovery at Time of Release

Homeless Shelter

The homeless shelter’s works with a tiered set of programs. Anyone who needs a place to spend the night is welcome to come sleep there for up to three nights as long as they’re mentally stable and not using drugs or alcohol. They’ll also have to show photo ID to prove that they’re Haywood County residents and not wanted by police.

After three days, guests of the shelter are offered the opportunity to sign up for a 21 day program. The 21 day program includes sessions with a counselor to set and monitor progress toward personal goals, participation in shelter activities (including, but not limited to: cleaning, cooking, yard work, bible studies). Participants sign an agreement that they will abide by house rules, work or volunteer a minimum of 20 hours a week, and stay clean and sober.

“If they show progress, if they show some initiative that they are willing to help themselves, we’ll offer them the opportunity to sign up for the 6 month program the 6 program is done through LifeWorks, a Christian organization that helps equip struggling people with the skills to take care of themselves. The end goal of the program is for its participants to leave the homeless shelter as people who have a home and niche in the community to call their own.

The 6 program includes components such as classes on how to write a resumé, dress appropriately and make a budget as well as partnerships with other area business and organizations to help clients learn job skills and find work. Residents are also paired with a volunteer from the community who mentors them, helping them pursue their goals.

A daily routine helps keep guests focused on their goals. Beginning at 6AM, guests have specific tasks that they are assigned— straightening up/ cleaning dorms, preparing breakfast for the group, laundry, etc. before they leave at 8:30AM. Form 8:30AM- 4:30PM guests are working, volunteering or in classes and/or programs working toward their goals. Evenings are also structured, with various tasks and programs, until lights out at 10:00PM.