Served 86,298 Meals
(19,104 from Holy Cow Food Truck)
Provided 20,001 Nights of Shelter

Provided 20,001 Nights of Shelter
Provided 80 Unique Individuals with 403 nights of Cold Grace Shelter

Provided 80 Unique Individuals with 403 nights of Cold Grace Shelter

Sheltered 233 Unique Individuals
172 Men and Women
23 Parents and 38 Children

60% of individuals
86% of families
Exited to Housing or moved back in with Family

73% Have Stable Monthly Income
63 Employed
84% Working Full-Time


Participation in all programs at Haywood Pathways Center is entirely voluntary-after three days to learn about, experience and evaluate the programs, guests are offered the opportunity to extend their stay and work either the 21 day or 6 month Discipleship program. However, once the decision is made to participate in an extended program at the Haywood Pathways Center, guests are required to sign a contract outlining responsibilities and expectations.

Regardless of the length of stay, each guest that stays at Haywood Pathways Center has chores they do on campus. Each guest is part of a team that keeps the campus neat and clean. We have kitchen clean up teams that take care of cleaning up the kitchen and dining room after breakfast and dinner. We have dorm teams that take care of the dusting, moping, and bathroom cleaning in the dorm areas. We have a grounds team that takes care of the mowing, weed-eating, and the upkeep of the campus grounds. We have a laundry team that is responsible for the laundry of the guests and the facility. Each of these teams have a leader that has been a guest for an extended time who makes sure everything is done properly. The chore program is another piece of our program that we feel teaches our guest the responsibilities they will need to be successful in their return to independent living.

3 Day

Initial Intake

With our 3 Day program guests will receive up to 3 nights lodging upon admission to the Haywood Pathways Center. After 3 days the director will work with them to evaluate which options are the best solution for their needs. Guests may be invited to join a program of extended stay at the Haywood Pathways Center, or we may assist them in obtaining other avenues of assistance. If our guests are in a program and they stay out overnight without permission, they will not be allowed back for 10 days. During the 3-day period, they will work on getting their identifications if they do not have them. Our Guests will be required to do dorm chores during their day stay. They will meet with the director on day 3 to discuss their continued stay at the Haywood Pathways Center.

21 Day

The 21 Day Program our guest are entering is a program designed to assist them in learning what the Bible says concerning their life and possible relationship with God.

The Bible says:

• God wants to reconcile them to Himself through their trust and commitment in his Son, Jesus Christ.
• Daily personal Bible study and application of Biblical principles lead to wholeness in a person’s life.

This program lasts three weeks. An extension of stay or acceptance into another program depends on their satisfactory progress in and completion of this program.

If Guest leave prematurely without completing this program, they will be disqualified from returning to the shelter for 10 days!

6 Month

Next is the 6 Month Program in which Pathways uses a network of services in the community to help its residents. Residents take classes with LifeWorks, a Christian organization that helps equip struggling people with the skills to take care of themselves.  The program teaches residents job, life and Christian discipleship skills.

Other community resources and support systems are utilized, as needed by each individual to reach his/her goals. Some residents, at this level, will have obtained employment and can work toward the next step—permanent housing and transportation. Through Haywood Pathways Center 6 month program, they have the opportunity to remain at the center to learn budgeting skills and save money for their new life situation. We recognize that there are different circumstances for each person, and make every attempt to be flexible to meet needs as they are identified. The 6 month program includes the Discipleship Program/Contract